Pool Installation

We install above ground all resin, hybrid pools and pool heaters. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Pool Supplies

We carry all of the BioGuard® products you need to keep your pool or spa in tip top shape year around.  Make sure to maintain your pool or spa regularly to ensure clarity and safety at all times. We also carry filters, cleaners, pumps, parts, and maintenance supplies for pools.



Sanitizers are the main ingredient of basic pool maintenance. They keep pool water clear and protected from bacteria. This is the first step in each BioGuard Care System.



Oxidizers shock the water to chemically destroy the organic contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment. BioGuard Oxidizers maintain water clarity, water balance and eliminate the main causes of eye and nose irritation. This is the second step in each BioGuard Care System.



To protect and enjoy your pool, BioGuard recommends the proper maintenance of water balance. These products will maintain balance by adjusting the pH and total alkalinity. They also inhibit or remedy scale and metallic stains from harming pool surfaces.

Algae Products


BioGuard has products to both remedy and inhibit algae problems. Use them to avoid murky water, increased chlorine demand or eliminate algae blooms. This is the third step in each BioGuard Care System



Cleaning is an important part of pool maintenance. BioGuard products remedy tough stains, improve your water’s sparkle and maintain a clean environment inside and outside of your pool.

Water Enhancers


Enhancers improve the sparkle to your pool, maintain efficient filtration and remedy specific situations such as cloudy water.

Off Season


BioGuard Off Season products are designed to care for your pool during the months when you pool is not being used.